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2018: Meet Nate!!!

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Cedar Valley High School cares about making our school the most positive experience possible. Each day, students, teachers, and staff will focus on high performance habits that will launch CVHS to new heights.


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2018: Meet Garrett!!!

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Meet our new head custodian. Many of you already know how awesome Garrett is from Frontier Middle School, but if you haven’t met him yet, you are in for a treat! He is funny and he especially loves kids. We couldn’t be more thrilled to have Garrett on our team.






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2018: Take A Look At The Mock Walls

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Take a look at the new exterior mock walls where you can see the exterior and interior walls along with the columns. We will also see the activity fields and Scott and I know you will be thrilled with the progress. We also wanted to peek behind the stage and into the CTE and performing arts rooms. We hope you enjoy!

Here is another construction update. Please subscribe to our YouTube channel so we can start earning money for our school! Thank you for watching.

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2018: Feeling Privileged

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We are moving along with the construction so fast!! We had a few meetings on site this week and we feel so privileged to have this opportunity to open the new high school.

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