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Concurrent Enrollment

UVU admission and Registration are now closed for fall semester, for face-to-face and live interactive courses. UVU spring semester will open November-January. If you have not already been admitted to UVU and received a UVU id#, please do that now in preparation for spring semester. See links below for admissions, registration, and paying for tuition. Browse UVU’s updated website: for more information. Live interactive classes and face to face class listings for spring are available when you click the link below. See also, links for answers to frequently asked questions. You can call 801-610-8825 ext #721237 or ext #721230, come to rm D237 or D230, or email [email protected] or [email protected] for questions about concurrent enrollment.

Step 1 - Admissions

Be admitted as a Concurrent Enrollment Student

Step 2 - Registration

Register for Your CE Classes

Step 3 - Paying

$35.00 Application Fee
$5.00 per credit

What is the difference between a Live Interactive (LI) and a Face to Face (FF) class?

Live Interactive (LI)

  • UVU Professor or Instructor
  • Deadlines, Breaks and Class Times are different that Face to Face CE classes
  • Classes are live broadcast to the High School
  • $5 a credit
  • Complete UVU CE Admissions Application
  • Classes run on UVU schedule:
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Tuesday, Thursday
  • High School Facilitator can help with tech, administer tests, and assignment collection

Face to Face (FF)

  • High School Teacher is the Instructor
  • Classes are Face to Face at the High School
  • $5 a credit
  • Classes fit in A day/B day schedule
  • Complete UVU CE Admissions Application
  • High School Coordinator can help with Admissions and Registration