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January 9th, 2023

Born to Fly – 2022-23 School Theme

January 9, 2023,

Welcome back to week two of the new 2023 school year! Please make note of the following:

1. Class Changes

All deadlines for class changes have passed. The counseling office appreciates your patience as we have been registering a record number of students and our administration has worked to hire more teachers. At this time, no more class changes will be allowed with the following exceptions. If students are interested in a free schedule change, they can do so if they add / change to one of the following classes. Please contact your counselor if you are interested.

English 9

Period 1 with Coon or Toronto

Period 2 with Hawkins or Toronto

Period 3 with Hawkins

Period 4 with Hawkins

Period 5 with Toronto

Period 8 with Hawkins or Coon

English 10

Period 1 with Davis

Creative Writing

Period 3 with Toronto

Period 7 with Toronto

US History

Period 2 with Renda

Period 3 with Renda

World Geography

Period 8 with Robinson

Modern World History

Period 6 with Renda

Secondary Math 1

Period 5 with Pederson

Period 8 with Zeeman or Deschamps

Secondary Math 3

Period 8 with Bevell


Period 5 with Augat

Period 8 with Augat


Period 1 with Duncan

2. ACT Prep

The ACT is one of two main tests that many colleges require for admissions. How well your child scores can have an impact on what colleges they are eligible to attend and what degree programs students qualify for. Almost half of students decide to retest on the ACT because they aren’t happy with their initial scores. This is stressful and costs money. Our ACT prep course is one way to increase your child’s chances of a better score.

ACT Prep classes will begin Jan 9th from 2:30-3:30. Every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday in D257. Pay $25 to the finance office. If you have any questions please contact Mr. Cameron Christensen in D161. This is a great opportunity for all Juniors to prepare for the ACT March 7th.

We also offer an online class for ACT Prep. If you are interested, please contact [email protected] for more information. SHMOOP is also available to assist with ACT prep. Just go to and use the code ASPEN.

3. Free online course for improving mental health

BYU’s positive psychology department has extended our community the opportunity to participate in a free, online mindfulness course which helps students improve their mental health. This is a voluntary program. They are offering a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card for participating. Here are the links to the invitation letter in both English and Spanish.

Free Mindfulness Course Letter – English

Free Mindfulness Course Letter – Spanish

4. Walking at Graduation

The Utah Board of Education has voted to uphold the pre-pandemic standards that students must complete ALL graduation requirements to “walk” at graduation. Graduation will be held this year on May 25th. All required credits must be completed before then. Check missing credits by going to Skyward and on the far left click on graduation requirements. Once there you will see a column titled Remaining. Whatever is listed in red is what is still outstanding.

Credit Recovery Options

EastShore online packets

BYU Independent Study online canvas courses

SOEP online schools and courses

Northridge paper packets

5. Anti-Vaping Presentation

Our PTA in conjunction with the Utah Health Department will be presenting an Anti-Vaping presentation during lunches on Monday and Tuesday. For more information go to

6. Parking Lot Safety

Please remind your students to practice safe driving when the weather is bad. We have had cars damaged in our parking lots due to students driving recklessly. If there is an accident in the parking lot it needs to be reported to the main office and our school Resource Officer.

7. Friday, Jan. 13th is a no student day & Monday, Jan. 16th is a school holiday, no school.

8. Seniors Aviator Scholar Reminder:

The Aviator Scholar is calculated as follows:

GPA (Cumulative GPA from 9th Grade to Senior Year-3rd Quarter) Times 10

ACT Score (Highest ACT Total Composite Score Used)

Advanced Placement Courses (1.0 point given for each full year AP class passed)

Concurrent Enrollment Face to Face (.5 point given for each semester CE class passed)

UVU Live Interactive (1.0 given for each class passed)

MTECH (.5 point given for each full year MTECH class passed)

*There can not be any remaining credits left. Medals will be awarded in May.

9. Important Dates

2-week calendar

Let’s make it a wonderful 2023!

With much love and gratitude – Principal Johnson