She Tech

By registering for the SheTech Virtual Summit, students will get to interact with over 100 tech companies, join 3000 girls and work hands-on with hundreds of mentors. This includes a free virtual celebration with Hill Air Force Base for jets and rockets, fighter pilots and engineers, a computer scientist, and STEM Leaders who provide an in-depth look at tech careers and inspiration to aim high. See all the amazing things available in tech careers, and meet the mentors to help you get there.

Date: April 21st 

This event opens up many opportunities including:

  • SheTech Internship Programs
  • Access to Mentors and Tech Companies
  • Monthly Tech Events
  • Hands on Experience with Real STEM Careers
  • Helps Girls find how their passions and interests intersect with technology.
  • Represent our School as a member of the SheTech Student Board
  • Women Tech Awards (the Oscars for Women in Tech)

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Since launching 7 years ago, SheTech has activated 15,000 girls to pursue STEM. This year’s opportunities and events will be bigger and more engaging than ever.

For more information about SheTech, visit, or contact [email protected].