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CTE Pathways

Jump Start your Career Goals


What is CTE?

Career and Technical Education

What is a CTE Pathway

A CTE Pathway includes a variety of programs structured to give students experience with work and life skills. Students get the practical experience needed to succeed through a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on laboratory work, and on-the-job training.

Some of the pathways available are Agriculture production systems, Veterinary & Animal Science, Pre-K Early Childhood Education, Culinary Arts, Fashion, Interior Design, Programming/Software Development, Accounting, Biotechnology, EMT, Nursing, Dental, Exercise Science, Medical Assistant, Pharmacy, Cabinetmaking, Photography, Cosmetology, TV Broadcasting etc.

Why should I become a Pathway Completer?

CTE Pathway provide students with technical training to prepare for a successful career. The students will then have the tools to succeed in a career after high school and/or in a technical school, two-year college, or four-year college.

What do I need to do to become a Pathway Completer?

Decide now what Pathway you would like to complete. Begin your 9th or 10th grade year taking the classes in your desired pathway. Talk to your counselor or the CTE Specialist at Cedar Valley to help you on your Pathway.

What do I get by completing a CTE Pathway

You will get a Certificate given to you by the State of Utah showing your proficiency in that Career subject. You will get recognized at a special awards night in the spring of your Senior year. You will be awarded a medal to wear at graduation. You can apply for CTE Scholarships. But more importantly, you will gain the knowledge and experience needed to be successful in your chosen field after high school.


Please contact your CTE Specialist Brigitte Reall [email protected]