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D-3 Dress and Grooming Standards

The Alpine School District Board of Education requires all of its students to conform to standards that avoid extremes and that exemplify personal cleanliness. Any personal appearance in either clothing style or personal grooming is prohibited if

  • -it tends to cause a material and substantial disruption of the educational process in the school.
  • -it would endanger the health, safety or welfare of either the student or others.
  • -it is vulgar or promotes illegal activity.
  • -it does not conform to the requirements of a special class or activity approved by the school principal which requires special dress or grooming and in which the student expects to participate.
  • -it appears as an obvious attempt to challenge the intent and scope of the policy or the authority of the school in its reasonable interpretation and enforcement.

This policy applies to all school-related functions except those special activities approved by the principal.