Next Generation One-To-One Information

Preboarding Days:

Tuesday, August 10th 7:30am-3:30pm

Wednesday, August 11th 11am-7am

Pick up your chromebook, get your locker, and have your school picture taken!

Because technology will be a key tool for students as they create and pursue their dreams, Cedar Valley High School desires to provide this technology in an equitable and systematic manner. Research has also shown that technology can provide students with greater opportunities for meaningful engagement. For these reasons, we are excited to partner with 10 other schools in the Alpine School district to be a Next Generation One-To-One school. This means we will be providing every student with their own Chromebook to use at home and at school. We thank Facebook for its generous contributions, making this One-To-One opportunity possible. As we prepare to launch this, we are participating in Professional Development to understand how to use the technology in a safe and engaging manner. We will use this page to provide you with information and resources in this regard.

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