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December 12th, 2022

December 12, 2022

Dear Aviators,

It’s hard to believe that this is the last week of 2022! With only 4 ½ days of school left it is more important than ever to help your students turn in any outstanding assignments over the next couple of days before your much-deserved holiday break!

Please make note of the following:

1. Minimal Day, Friday, December 16, 2022

Friday, December 16th is the end of the 2nd term. The schedule will be a Minimal Day schedule. Below is Friday’s bell schedule:

1st Period 7:45-8:25

2nd Period 8:30-9:10

3rd Period 9:15-9:55

4th Period 10:00-10:40

Lunch 10:40-11:15 (One lunch period only)

Busses leave 11:15

2. School Lunch

Breakfast and Lunch will be served on Minimal Day Friday, December 16, 2022. Sometimes lunch options change on the last day before the break.

3. School Safety

As a reminder, safety comes first. Cedar Valley High School has a protocol in place for emergency situations. Please refer to this document for details about the protocol. In addition to this protocol, we have faculty that will be participating in research-based threat assessment training. Safety begins and ends with all of us. The most important thing any of us can do is to say something when we see something. All safety concerns should be reported to the administration.

4. How Sick is Too Sick

As the flu season is upon us, please review the following flier.


If you or your students are in need of some mental health resources over the break you can access

This is a great website with all kinds of resources.

5. Driver’s Ed

There will be an online and an in-person class for Driver’s Ed starting after the Winter Break. There are only 2 more in-person opportunities for Driver’s Ed this school year. If you are interested please sign up on the Google Form on the School’s Driver’s Ed webpage.

Driver’s Education

If you have any questions please reach out to Mr. Roberts at [email protected]

6. PTSA Battle of the Bands

Join the Battle of the Bands – on January 14th! Register here:

7. ACT March 7, 2023

We will be administering the ACT on March 7, 2023. Please encourage your students to prepare for the ACT and tell them why it is so important. Even though many schools do not use it for admissions, universities use it to determine what level of general ed classes they must take. Performing well can save $$$.

Sophomores will take a practice ACT that day.

Freshmen & Seniors will stay home and have an online study day.

More information will be coming. Kids will need to leave their phones at home or in their cars.

8. Upcoming Dates to Remember:

9. Important Dates

2-week calendar

Let’s make it a fantastic month of November!

With much love and gratitude – Principal Johnson