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December 5th 2022

December 5, 2022

Dear Aviators,

I woke up this morning to five inches of snow! It’s a reminder that we are entering the last half of the school year. We are all also ready for a mid year break and I am sure everyone is ready for the holidays. With that being said, please go into Skyward and see if you can help your student get in their assignments so they will pass their classes.It’s the last 11 days to push!

Please make note of the following:

1. Class Change Deadline

It’s hard to believe we are almost to our 2nd Semester. We have loved working with your students. Please be aware that we will only be accepting class change requests for the 2nd Semester through December 15th. If you need to make changes please meet with your counselor ASAP.

2. UVU Admission and Registration!

Concurrent Enrollment is now open for 2nd semester for face to face and live interactive courses. If you (your student) are registered at Cedar Valley High School to take a UVU concurrent enrollment face to face or live interactive class it’s time to get admitted and registered at UVU. If your ACT score is not high enough for the course you may take the Accuplacer test for English and/or the Aleks test for math at UVU.

I wish I would have pushed my children to earn their associates degree during high school! It’s almost like earning $40,000 over the next two years after textbook, the cost of living, taxes and tuition! Our school had more students earn their associates and gen education certificates than any other high school that feeds into UVU. Please take advantage of this wonderful opportunity for your child and meet with your counselor.

Registration Process – Go to

1- Apply for admissions (Step 1), unless you already have a UVID.

2- Registration:

A-Know prerequisites

B- Find course CRN – on website or attached to this email

C- Login to UV Link ( and register for courses using CRN’s

3 – Pay tuition

If you have question or need help, please contact your high school counselor or

Char Christensen [email protected] in Room D230 @ CVHS.

3. Get Your Associate’s Degree in Aviation Science From UVU at CV!

Starting next school year, we will be offering an associates degree in Aviation Science on campus! Why would you not do that? Once a student has that degree, all he/she has to do is go to UVU and take their flying lessons. All the foundational components will be completed at CV speeding up the process to become a commercial pilot. Flying is the fun part! Our student could be earning $$$$ in a couple short years and big $$$ in a few years after that.

There is a pilot shortage and girls especially are needed as well! This will cut your costs down significantly to become a commercial pilot!

4. Finance Office

The financial office will be closed this Wednesday, however; My School Fees will still be open to pay fees.

5. Text option for messages from the school

Did you know that you can opt in to receive messages from the school via text? This can be for general messages, attendance messages, emergency messages, etc. Please click HERE for quick opt-in instructions.

Please click HERE for instructions on how to access Skylert, which will allow you to set which messages you receive via text/phone/email. Please note that Skylert is not available from the app, you must log in to the Skyward web page from a browser.

6. Sheriff Department Training During Christmas Break

The Sheriff’s department will be conducting training at our school during the Christmas break. You will see several patrol cars at the school for a couple days.

7. PTSA Battle of the Bands

Join the Battle of the Bands – January 14th! Register here:

8. Important Dates

2-week calendar

Let’s make it a fantastic month of November!

With much love and gratitude – Principal Johnson