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November 7th, 2022

“Born To Fly” 2022-23 School Theme

November 7, 2022

Dear Aviators,

Good evening Aviators!

I hope you enjoyed that extra hour of sleep! We all needed that! Please make note of the following:

1. Election Day

Tomorrow is election day Tuesday. Please remember to vote!

2. Thank You For Your Support

I am beyond thankful for our community that stood behind our school and students that were falsely accused of the Tik Tok incident. All of the teachers, staff, and administration feel so supported by you. Thank you for the treats and beautiful letters, and flowers that were delivered to our school. Thank you for all chipping in for the food truck to feed our faculty and staff this Friday. We feel the CVHS love!

With that said, a few of you have asked to see my statement that was released to the press:

Heartbreaking is the best way to describe November 1, 2022. Students at Cedar Valley High School were accused of dressing in racist costumes at a Walmart 235 miles away from our community. (For reference, the distance between NYC and Washington, D.C. is 226 miles.)

What has been devastating is the continuing impact. Even though these students were not involved (they were at work or with family), they continue to be targeted by uninformed individuals on social media. My heart aches for these students and their families. Can you imagine having your life turned upside down because your name and personal information were put out on social media being falsely accused of something?

As a school, we received and continue to hear from people accusing these individuals. With more than 1,500 phone messages and more than 3,000 emails, our communications systems became overwhelmed. How do I decipher school-related emails versus hate-filled messages geared at our school, students, and families? It’s going to take some time to wade through.

Social media and uniformed, vindictive people have essentially made an enormous error just by sharing and commenting on misinformation. The impact of these blunders will have lasting effects on these students. Hatred and intolerance are wrong in all forms.

3. Upcoming Dates to Remember

2-week calendar

Let’s make it a fantastic month of November!

With much love and gratitude – Principal Johnson