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Born To Fly 2022-23 School Theme

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to school! We had a wonderful Pre-Boarding, Freshman Orientation, Open House, and the first day of school! We are beyond thrilled to see the enthusiasm and excitement for school.

This will be our best year yet and we will have our first 2023 graduating class that started with CV the very first year we opened in 2019 as freshmen! Our babies have grown up! What a wonderful year this will be!

Please make note of the following:

1. Back to School Information

Here is all of your back-to-school information in case you’re new. CVHS Boarding Pass.

2. Class Changes

During the first two days of school, students will not change classes due to the demand of helping students that don’t have complete schedules. Please be patient with the counseling department. With so many new students arriving, they need this time to help them register for school.

3. Order Pictures, & School Picture Final Retake Day

If you’d still like to order school pictures, please click here.

If you missed our pre-boarding launch and didn’t get your school pictures taken, we will have a makeup day Fri Sept. 16th. This is a new date, but we are hoping to still have the re-take day in October as we have advertised, but this may change.

4. Lunch

Lunch menus can be found online at School breakfast and lunch can be paid online at Students can bring cash or a check to the lunchroom to put money in their accounts. Students will need their new or old Student ID Card to purchase breakfast or lunch. Our cafeteria is completely keyless, students scan their ID Cards or a picture of their ID Cards, to purchase meals and Ala’ Carte Items. If they have misplaced or no longer have an ID Card they can give us their Student ID Number until it is replaced.

Our Lunchroom is in need of student helpers. Student helpers help serve lunch during their lunch hour and receive a free lunch for their service. Please email Mrs. Dastrup in the Lunchroom at [email protected] if you are interested.

5. PTSA Cafe Zupa Night Fundraiser

Link Here for more information.

6. One-to-One Information (Chromebooks for Students)

If your Child did not get their Chromebook please know that they will be getting pulled from class so that they can get their Chromebook during the first week of school.

Blocksi for Parents – Parents who are interested can create a parent account for Blocksi. Blocksi allows parents to create settings on their child’s Chromebook. These functions will only work outside of our school network, while students are at home.

Some of the functions you can do from the parent portals include:

Pausing the internet

Create an exceptions list that allows you to create a list of websites you would like blocked

Time control to set time limits for the Chromebook

Insights allow you to see analytics of how your child has been using their device


5. School Community Council Parent Help

Serving on our School Community Council is a wonderful way for parents and teachers to contribute and help improve academic performance at our school. The school receives an annual dividend from the school trust lands. Our council decides how these funds will be used. If you are interested in serving on our SCC, please link here.

6. Driver’s Education Information

Driver’s Ed registration is up on the School Website for the school year.

Driver’s Education

We have both in-person and online options for the classroom portion of the program.

Our first in-person class starts next Monday and our first online class starts on September 1st.

We suggest taking the class portion 3-6 months prior to the anticipation date of wanting your license.

Please reach out to Mr. Roberts if you have any questions at [email protected]

7. Student Council Welcome Back Assembly

Our Welcome Week Back to School Assembly is on Thursday morning. We will follow the Single Assembly schedule that day. Basically, the assembly takes the place of Jet Time but extends to 9:55. Classes are shortened by 6 minutes to compensate.

8. Accident and Sickness Insurance For Students

If you would like accident and sickness insurance for your child, please see the link below.

Link Here for more information

Link Here for more information in Spanish

9. Importance of Attendance

Cedar Valley will be implementing some new policies to encourage students to remain in class. The data is very clear that students who miss more than a couple of periods of class in a term are much more likely to fail. Please be aware of our push to help your students succeed by supporting us in our efforts to get all of our students to class. We will be sending out more information regarding our Student Success Center in the coming weeks.

10. Support Team For Your Student(s)

If you need help with anything or have any questions, please reach out to your child’s administrator and counseling team. If you have any questions or concerns with a class, please reach out to your child’s teacher.

11. Parking

It is not too late to get your parking pass. All students who wish to park on campus will need a parking pass to avoid getting a ticket. You can find all the information you need and the fillable form at CVHS Parking.

12. Tickets
Tickets to all extracurricular activities are pre-sold, and online only. Tickets can be purchased at Football game tailgates begin next week, August 26th, at 5 pm in the back parking lot.

13. Administration and Counselors

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s administrator and counselor. See below

Alphabet A-Coo:

Administrator: Scott Mansfield

Counselors: Abby Taylor A-Bray and Jerilynn Phillips Braz-Coo.

Alphabet: Cop-Go

Administrator: Anna Butler

Counselors: Kristy Childs Cop-F and April Triggs G-H

Alphabet: Gr-Lot

Administrator:: Kimberly Moore

Counselors: April Triggs G-Hoo and Debra Smith Hop-Lot

Alphabet: Lou-R

Administrator: Bill Sivert

Counselors: Camille Black Lou-Oq and Courtney Briggs Or-R

Alphabet: S-Z

Administrator: Kenyon Christen

Counselors: Regan Peck S-T, Brittney Zabriskie U-Walters, and Joleen Liston Wambold – Z

14. Upcoming Dates to Remember

Link here for all activities and events at CVHS

2-week calendar

Have a fantastic school year!

Courtney Johnson,

Principal CVHS